Satire is Basically Dead; Basically Gay is Growing Up.

Basically Gay Logo A black minimalist unicorn on a pink ish background.

Basically Gay started once upon a time as a more homosexual version of The Onion. After publishing a few pieces of delightfully witty satire, events such as the death of Nex Benedict, Canada issuing a Travel Advisory for LGBTQ* individuals traveling to America and the rise of misinformation have made the Basically Gay team realize that while satire is funny and fun to write, it’s not what the world needs right now.

What does that mean? Well, it means satire is basically dead at least, the satire that Basically Gay published is dead. We have retired (and removed) our satirical content and will be transitioning towards something more grounded. We at Basically Gay are determined to keep publishing content but we are currently taking a step back to assess the future of our fine publication and maybe make a few grown-up choices. We will keep you posted!

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